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Kiamichi Trails

Access the Trail from Hwy 259, out of Big Cedar.  Ride the ridge of the mountain east to Pigeon Creek or Beech Creek National Scenic Area and Beech Creek Botanical Area, translated for the common man, "more woods", or ride the ridge of the mountain west to the old fire tower or eventually to Honobia, OK..

Gorgeous views from several beautiful hightops. A few scattered homesteads. Pine and hardwood forests. All remote areas. Eventual drop from mountain tops to creeks.

  • Pigeon Creek Road – You can drop off the ridge road to the north and drive all the way to highway 63 on Pigeon Creek Road.
  • Beech Creek – You can follow the ridge road to drive the border of the Beech Creek National Scenic Area and Botanical Area. This way eventually goes all the way to Zafra, OK where you tie back into the pavement.

Difficulty? Mostly bumpy with some rough.

Length from Hwy 259

  • To Beech Creek border? 10 miles
  • To Zafra? 24 miles
  • To Pigeon Creek Road? 12 miles
  • From Ridge Road to Highway 63 – 4 miles
  • To fire tower? 8 miles
  • To pavement in Honobia direction? 22miles

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